Menus and Prices

Breakfast is Monday to Sunday 8-11am June to Sept and 9-11am Oct to May

You can choose any one of the options below



You can reserve to eat here if you let us know in the morning.

We serve from Monday to Friday between 7 and 9pm.

Please see below our daily options from June to September. Winter menu will be added soon.

Price 15€ per person, 7€ per child to include drinks and dessert.

Mondays –

Reg or GF MacnSheez with garbanzos, peas, sweet corn served with vegetables or salad

Followed by raw strawberry cheesecake.

Tuesdays –

Reg or GF mini pizzas with choice of toppings served with salad or vegetables

Followed by chocolate cheesecake and oaty ice cream

Wednesdays –

Reg or GF tempeh and avocado wraps served with salad or vegetables.

Followed by raw carrot and coconut cake with cashew cream

Thursdays –

GF Hot quinoa with red beans, green spring onions, mushrooms, spinach and tomato salsa served with crisp salad and or fries

Followed by Chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries or strawberries.

Fridays –

GF Cauliflower sheez with red beans and spring onions, grilled vegetables, crisp salad and sausages.

Followed by warm pecan pie and oaty ice cream