Eco-fair y picnic vegano – 13th May ♥♥♥


Please see below photos of our last picnic on 25th February. Hope to see you in May!!



Wishing everyone a Very Vegan Loving Christmas ♥♥♥


We wish a heartfelt thank you to all and everyone that we have met and seen here at Vegan Life through out the year.

We gladly remember times when we have sang together, eat together, cooked together, laughed, cried and danced together and every moment has been a feeling of joy to cherish forever.

How wonderful it is to spend time with fellow vegans from all nationalities and walks of life and knowing despite language barriers and social backgrounds we all bonded together instantly with our inner radiant love for all life and our sense of connection to our beautiful planet Earth.

This love fills us with the hope and positive energy that the world is a great place, with more vegan love and ideology being cultivated in greater numbers across the world. There is a lot to be said in being moved to shed happy tears regularly through being connected to this loving vegan energy.

In this life we may not get everything right, we may feel sad, lonely, things break, people get upset, mistakes are made and we get tired but if you do the best that you can with love and joy in your heart it will all come good in the end. So do not be too hard on yourself when things go wrong, as a great friend once said to me we are all imperfectly perfect and do not think you should have all the answers another great friend told me that he once met a man who was so stupid he thought he knew everything.  We are all just muddling along, doing the best we can and this understanding helps us to forgive more readily and treat others compassionately.

May 2018 fill you with happiness, peace and love

Tanya and family ♥♥♥


ECO-FAIR y PICNIC VEGANO – 25th February ♥♥♥♥

This is a FREE community family event to promote love and compassion, animal rights and welfare, sustainable and healthy living, fitness and vegan food.

Please come along and share your positive energy for all to enjoy. The picnic food you can bring and share at this event is vegan. The stalls are free if you have an eco, enviro, holistic, healing, vegan, vegetarian business or products.

Cartoon Summer Picnic Invitation Template

Our last Vegan Fair and Picnic in 2013. It was wonderful

2013 vegan fair and vegluck

Our next raw food class ♥♥♥

Our next class will take place in our gardens with views of the sea. With plenty of room and shade surrounded by beautiful flowers and warm sea breezes. We will be creating two different patés and one cheese. Full of natural goodness and love. Please bring some containers with you if you wish to take yours home to enjoy later.  Phone or email me to book. At the end of the class you can stay and enjoy some raw vegan cake and relax for a while. See you soon ♥♥♥

raw food class april 30 2017