The Vegan Paradise Project ♥♥♥

Our long term goals are to open a loving tranquil place in nature to offer free and paid holidays for vegans and a safe haven for animals needing love and a home.

We will be contributing a third of all income for this from Vegan Life Energy during the next 18 months.

If you want to help create this amazing reality and be a part of this journey, please click the link below and give your support. Breathe love, share love, be love

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Vegan Paradise for people and animals ♥♥♥

We wish to open a new place, a safe haven for rescued animals as well as a wonderful holiday destination for vegans. We wish to buy a plot of fertile land and build 2 x wooden eco self sufficiency chalets for guests and create a secure area to house animals with as much free space as possible.

Chickens love to sleep in trees and that is wonderful to see. Off grid self sufficiency. To plant trees, create cosy indoor areas where you can sleep seeing the stars. Every year we will commit 3 months to provide free accommodation and meals to any vegan that needs to recoup or rest and for everyone that has supported this campaign though sharing on social media, donating or helping in person when we buy the land plus a big YES to give a safe secure home to animals needing love and care.

Future dreams for VLE – listening to our hearts ❤❤❤

​All profits during the next two years will be saved to open a safe haven for rescued animals, we are hoping to buy a plot of fertile land to grow vegetables, save animals and offer a much cheaper and less commercial but more spiritual holiday experience in the future with a couple of fully equipped eco wooden homes, with wood stoves and without neighbours,  with lots of privacy, lovely nature walks and outings to see and experience the wonderful Spanish culture.

We also wish to be able to offer free stays for people that want to help. Build a cobb oven and bake bread together. Rescue small farm animals like goats and chickens and give them a free happy life with a big area to roam. Chickens naturally love to sleep in trees and that is wonderful to see. To be off grid self sufficiency. To plant trees, create cosy indoor areas where you can sleep seeing the stars. Lots of flowers and the beauty of nature. lots of areas where the grass is allowed to grow long and is left untouched. 

Vegan Cookery and Nutrition Classes

From 1st November until 28th February you can book a Vegan cookery class and/or learn about the many benefits of vegan nutrition.

You can choose the type of class and recipe you want from Raw Vegan cookery, Spanish vegan cookery, Gluten free vegan cookery and Traditional English cookery.

There will be an opportunity to ask any nutrition related questions related to following a vegan meal plan plus find out about the scientific data which supports that healthy vegan food is a great medicine for many medical conditions and can even reverse them.

Each class lasts a minimum of three hours and costs 25€ per person, 20€ per person for groups of 5+ people and 15€ per person for groups of 8 people to include all ingredients, hand outs and tools. Maximum number per class is 8 persons.

To book your class please email me at – or phone/whatsapp me on 0034 634 35 48 92

Sabores de España – Vegan Workshop ♥

These are some of the wonderful Spanish recipes that have been shared with me from our amazing Spanish friends/guests. They call these dishes pool or beach food as they are great to make when the weather gets warmer. Spanish food is incredibly healthy and full of flavor. It is always a joy to prepare Spanish cuisine ♥♥♥sabores de espana

Denia Healthy Cuisine Workshop for March ♥

Join Us at Meetup

workshop - mar 16

Dear Foodies,

We will be demonstrating key culinary knife skills – learn how to slice, dice, julienne like a pro and save time in the kitchen.

We will also be making a very healthy dessert that tastes divine. Its easy to prepare with three separate layers. You will amaze your friends when they discover the ingredients used. Tell them after they have tasted it. That makes it fun!!!

At the end of each and every workshop there will be an opportunity to ask any nutrition related questions. For health related matters am happy to provide the scientific data of the numerous benefits of eating mindfully (plant based/vegan).

Warmest vegan wishes, Tanya ♥