Montgo Vegetarians

This is a lovely group run by Cindy Sear, I expect a lot of people are aware of the group. They get together and go to local restaurants, there is normally a vegan option available. They are planning another event at The Secret, Moraira on Thursday 16th of this month. The cost is 29€. Get in touch with Cindy if you would like to go. ♥

Montgo Vegetarians

One thought on “Montgo Vegetarians

  1. Hi Tanya

    No worries Tanya darling, but The Secret is a private party!! It is actually my birthday though that isn’t why we did it, just a coincidence from some comments on Facebook and not wanting to wait until the evenings are cooler. Almost in between seasons at the moment – in too hot, out to chilly.

    Our next event for everyone is at Satari’s on 31 October – Abi has promised me a menu today. He threw a drink over his laptop so he’s been handicapped. The newsletter is all ready to go!

    Mary Ashenden is coming to the Secret – actually I don’t think you’ve met her but I’m sure you’d like each other – she is over here learning Spanish and her family seem fine with it. Caught a glimpse of her hubby one day when he was visiting. At La Lauradora she had beer poured all over her and she took it really well considering that she doesn’t drink and it was the beginning of the evening!

    Can you come – we could probably pick you up if you like.


    Cindy x

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