VLE gets Greener

At VLE we are committed to using less chemicals. We now only use soap nuts for all our laundry (5 nuts in a muslin bag can do 5+ washes) no chemicals and can be composted safely afterwards. We supply 100% organic natural soap nut shampoo and body soap for all our guests like Hemp & Patchouli, Ayurvedic Blend, Calendula & Chamomile and Oatmilk and Calendula 100% vegan and perfect for sensitive skins or those wishing for zero chemicals. xxx Better for you, better for the planet.

soap nuts

toms16-09-14 003

We are now only planting organic heirloom seeds in our vegetable garden. Our guests are welcome to use our produce. The tomatoes above have just ripened and are a juicy sweet full flavour Victorian variety.

2 thoughts on “VLE gets Greener

  1. Oh, I love the idea of soap nuts for laundry! I’ve been making my own natural laundry powder but would be keen to know more about the soap nuts. What kinds of nuts do you need to use? And do you need to add anything else to the machine? Thanks!


    • Hi Koren, you can buy them online called ‘soap nuts’. You can add essential oils if you like a fragrance. You just put 5 nuts in a muslin bag and pop in the machine. You can pre-soak the bag in a cup of warm water to activate the soap for a few minutes. Thanks, Tanya 🙂


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